About Us

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At Sunapple, we have one clear mission: to empower individuals—whose sustainable skills and marketable talents are far greater than their disabilities—to connect with the greater community, enabling both to flourish and grow.

Our Purpose

Sunapple, a division of ARC Industries, Inc., was created with the beliefs that a true community is one that values diversity, all people deserve a living wage, and everyone has something important to contribute. Our Art Studios and Kitchens allow employees to develop their creativity by participating in profitable ventures, all while bringing people together to foster growth, connection, and an ever-greater sense of community.


Our People

We're painters, ceramicists and cooks. We're individuals who innately understand that creativity knows no limits and true artists have no limitations. And we're experimenters and entrepreneurs—people who believe anything is possible and that opening doors that once were closed makes us ALL stronger, closer, better.

Our Products

From ceramics to celery to  (arguably) the best peanut butter cookies on Earth, there is seemingly no limit to the things we can create, cook, or cultivate. 

We invite you to learn about the original artwork we create in our Art Studios or tour one of our Kitchens.

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