Shared Vision: Passions of the Human Spirit

August 18–October 6, 2019

August 18–October 6, 2019

This exhibition will showcase works made in Ohio studios serving artists with developmental differences. It will feature over 100 works in a variety of media, highlighting the collaborative nature of the studios and emphasizing the intersection of their work and mission. Participating organizations include Goodwill Art Studio (Columbus), Planet Joy Studio (Medina), Open Door Art Studio & Gallery (Columbus), Visionaries and Voices (Cincinnati), Passion Works Studio (Athens), Soaring Arts Studio (Napoleon), Thunder-Sky, Inc. (Cincinnati) and Sunapple Studio (Columbus).

Opening Reception: Sunday August 18th 1-4pm


The Ladder of Hopes and Dreams

‘Imagine if you stopped to look at a painting; it unfolds in front of you, moving through space to cover every inch of your vision.  A curator’s voice begins to whisper in your ear, telling the story of the piece.  Music transforms the brush strokes into melodies and harmonies that become the painting’s soundtrack.  And nearby, inspired performers experience the work through dance, song, and spoken word.  Art that inspires art that inspires art.  That’s what we hope to achieve in ‘Gallery of Echoes.’

- Stev Guyer, Executive Producer

Columbus Art's Festival
Bicentennial Stage

• June 10th and 11th 9:00pm

Shadowbox Theater

• June 15th &16th (7:30 pm)
• June 17th & 18th (7:30 pm)
• June 17th & 18th (10:30 pm)
• June 19th (2:00 pm & 7:00pm)

Sunapple Studio’s ‘The Ladder of Hopes and Dreams’ selected for Shadowbox Live’s prestigious ‘Gallery of Echoes’ multi-media performance!

Shadowbox live presents Gallery of Echoes: The Columbus Public Art Project, a celebration of the Greater Columbus art community. The second installment of this critically acclaimed series reinterprets 20 original works by Columbus-based artists through a metamedia collision of original music, dance, spoken word, and larger-than-life videography.

‘The Ladder of Hopes and Dreams’, Sunapple Studio’s winning submission, explores the connections between personal challenges, forward movement, relationships with others, and establishing creative strategies to move towards ones’ dreams.  Consulting Art Educator Marge Mitcham noticed a wonderful quote in a poem by Katherine Berry called ‘The Ladder’:  ‘At last the ladder, which had been built slowly, one hope at a time, reached up to the clouds, and the dreamer began to climb’. 

With Mitcham providing support, ‘The Ladder of Hopes and Dreams’ became a physical expression of these artists’ desires to identify their life goals, receive and give support as valued artists and contributors, and to move forward and climb at their own pace in harmony with the rest of their community.

As expressed by participating artist Daniel Wycuff, “Art is my life…it’s what I want for my future’. 

Vine Street Garage Mural

Sunapple Studio artists sketched their interpretation of several landmark Columbus buildings and recreated the design in clay.  This work was commissioned by The Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority, a board that operates the Greater Columbus Convention Center, the Hilton Downtown and Nationwide Arena, as well as our four parking facilities.

We would like to thank Sally Bloomfield, Barbara Nicholson, and Rhett Ricart, board members who see Columbus as a mecca for artists and have spearheaded this initiative. You will see beautiful art added to our downtown through this grant. Our work is located in the Vine street garage, where student and emerging artists will be featured. 

By Joe Blundo The Columbus Dispatch  •  Sunday May 8, 2016 5:00 AM

The mural is on the seventh floor of a parking garage, but the artists who made it couldn’t be more thrilled if it were in the Louvre.

The ceramic-tile montage of Columbus scenes — the Statehouse, Huntington Park, Ohio Stadium— was created by Sunapple Studios, which produces work by adults with developmental disabilities.

I was there recently when the artists emerged from an elevator on the roof of the Vine Street garage, just south of the North Market in the Arena District, and saw their mural for the first time.

They applauded and immediately began pointing out the tiles they’d worked on.

“It looks like the actual field,” said Heath Woodruff, 44, of his interpretation of Ohio Stadium.

Others identified their own work: the Ohio State Fair, Nationwide Arena, the Wexner Center for the Arts.

The Vine Street Garage is one of three, all owned by the Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority, featuring 34 artworks created by people ranging from elementary school students to professional artists. The Vine Street artwork is mostly from students.

Creations by other artists can be seen at the Goodale Street and Convention Center South garages. The Goodale garage, for example, showcases murals of bicycles, fish and neon "Columbus" signs.

The facilities authority bills the art as a way to promote local culture, impress visitors with Columbus’ creativity and help people find their cars.

“I may not remember I was on level 3A, but I do remember that I was on the level with the zoo animals,” said Don Brown, executive director of the authority.

The Sunapple mural was primarily the work of eight people, with about a dozen others contributing along the way, said Jackie Boyle, who oversaw the project with staff members Marge Mitcham and Mariann Brush. Sunapple is a division of ARC Industries, a nonprofit workforce-development organization of the Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

It took about three months to complete the mural, Boyle said.

“They worked so hard on this,” she said. “It’s interesting because every time you start a new project with new people, it just morphs into a new thing. . . . Everything is always new and always fresh.”

The Sunapple mural hangs below a bank of windows outside the elevators on the top floor of the Vine Street garage. It’s not the biggest or most prominent display, but it means a lot to the people who created it.

Ask how he felt about seeing his drawing of the Columbus Cultural Arts Center turned into a clay tile, Daniel Wycuff, 29, responded with one word: Happy.


Joe Blundo is a Dispatch columnist.


4 Frescoes 4 Artists

Today we began a recurring community outing to the Jubilee Museum, a gallery in the Catholic Cultural Center on Grubb Ave. A unique exhibit titled “4 Frescoes 4 Artists: Contemporary depictions of Jacobs Dream” will unfold over the summer. 

The exhibit began in May with 4 large empty canvases and should be completed works of art in August. Christine talked with our Sunapple artists about the stencil application she was using today and showed us her vision for layering interesting paper to her mural. 

Heath Woodruff, Nuura Abdulkadir, Theresa Whitlow and Richard Furney really enjoyed the visit. They seemed to understand that the two artists had different styles and asked some vey engaging questions while sharing a few things about themselves. 

Robert shared the sketches for this inspired work. He will then freehand the image with chalk, bring the light and dark areas in before finishing with color.  

We were very pleased with the time these two artists took to talk with us and we hope to find a way to connect with all 4 artists involved in the exhibit. We will continue to visit weekly through the summer.


Community Clay Art Piece Project

This free community event is made possible in part by a Franklin County Neighborhood Arts Grant administered by the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education.


ARC Industries and Sunapple are excited to partner with the City of Groveport in the Clay Art Piece Project.  The public is invited to visit historic Heritage Park located in Groveport, Ohio between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM on June 14th and June 21st.  Clay artisans from the ARC Industries’ Sunapple Studio will be on hand to provide lessons in making beads out of clay and painting fired clay beads.  Following the public event the beads will be assembled into a falling rain hanging for placement in the Groveport Town Hall Art Gallery.

The Hero Within: Imagination and Identity

Sunapple has partnered with the Greater Columbus Arts Council on the critically acclaimed Hero Within installation.

By Kitty McConnell FOR THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH  •  Sunday October 18, 2015 5:00 AM

Artists from ARC Industries have worked piles of recyclables into a whimsical fantasy world, transforming the main gallery of the Cultural Arts Center into a giant game board reminiscent of Candyland.

Craftsmen and women in ARC Industries’ Sunapple Studio division began working on the group project in 2013. ARC Industries, a nonprofit workforce-development group for those with developmental disabilities, boasts a studio in which artists work in a variety of mediums.

The artists created a board game called “Superland,” in which each artist is represented by his or her unique superhero game piece — in the form of an avatar on a card laminated in plastic. The original game is set out for visitors to play as they enter the center and before they walk through the human-scale installation that is inspired by the game.

A video playing in the gallery foyer explains how the “Superland” exercise developed into “The Hero Within: Imagination and Identity.” The exhibit’s interrelated sculptures — similar to stations in a board game — are made entirely from repurposed recycled materials, colored glitter and Mod Podge glue.

The collective creativity and careful craftsmanship of the artists are evident in each piece of the installation. Repurposed plastic bottles have been meticulously cut, twisted and shaped into reflective ribbons and strands.

The mind reels at the time and focus it would have taken the artists to reshape these resistant raw materials into a larger-than-life forest, a frothy beach and a dreamlike flower field.

The exhibit is like visiting the world of the classic Beatles’ song Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds. The recycled plastic and glitter come alive when lit from within by twinkling white lights.

Besides the introductory video and “Superland” game, there are several main elements of the installation.

The Forests, based on concepts developed by Adam Pfirsch and Pat D’Angostino, is a winding display of 115 sculpted trees coated in deep-blue, green and gold glitter. Vinyl record albums form the tree bases. Their skinny trunks explode 8 feet up in fronds of wavy, ribboned plastic.

The Fashion Bush was inspired by Zoe Flaherty’s passion for the sartorial. The delicate cellophane branches of the sculpture rise from the base, then droop gracefully like a willow tree. The leaves are bright plastic cutouts shaped into tiaras, dresses, sunglasses, purses and shoes.

The Sea of Love mimics a frothy wave. The piece, inspired by artist Kelly Boggs, is made from curly white plastic bottles and blue rubber cause bracelets held together by rubber bands. On an adjacent wall hangs a rainbow constructed from colorful bottle caps. A 2-D mobile — on one side a butterfly, a lady bug on the other — is suspended above.

The coral flowers in Field of Beauty will leave visitors smiling.

The artists’ brainstorming sketches are on display, and their superhero self-portraits are for sale. Priced from $20 to $50, 18 of the paintings had been spoken for by the exhibit’s first day. It’s a reminder that the nearly 40 ARC artists and craftspeople who created “The Hero Within” are hard at work every day.

The Chicken Mug Story

You can buy mugs at Ohio Designer Craft Museum in Grandview through Dec 23rd. They are open  Monday - Saturday 10-5 Sunday 1-4 and located at 1665 W Fifth Avenue.

Buy local at the Ohio Made Festival

Sunapple Studio has already enjoyed several local art festivals this season. We are looking forward to participating in the Ohio Made Festival at the Ohio Village on September 27th.  Our studio will donate a 12’ x 17’ replica of the Ohio Made logo painted on canvas. As you can see in the photo, Jill has found a creative and relaxing way to get into the action.  Look for the finished product at the festival.       

Jill is enjoying some time out of her wheelchair as she works on the Ohio Made logo.

Jill is enjoying some time out of her wheelchair as she works on the Ohio Made logo.

Finished Ohio Made Banner

Finished Ohio Made Banner


We would like to congratulate Stephanie Spencer and Troy Thompson whose work has been chosen to hang in the halls of the Child Development Autism Center at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Their art will be on display all year.

Troy Thompson: "This picture will last a long time".

Troy Thompson: "This picture will last a long time".

Stephanie Spencer: "Lucky Ladybug".

Stephanie Spencer: "Lucky Ladybug".

Sunapple VSA Workshop at Bareclay Ceramics

On April 30, 2014, The Sunapple Artists participated in a new venture. They became professional art instructors.

 This process began when Susan Weber, a consultant for Sunapple Co. made contact with the Very Special Arts Council of Ohio regarding some available workshop grant. We decided to apply for these funds right away and try for a ceramics workshop where some of the Sunapple Artists will be teaching some of the techniques that Sunapple has recently adopted in its Herb Tag production area.

 We chose three artists who have been on the Herb Tag production line since its inception. Sasha Spikes, Michelle Khourie and Daniel Wycuff worked extremely hard on their concept and conveyance of technique.  Each was very nervous about the class and admitted that teaching was completely new to them.

 The final count for the class listed 9 registrants, a great first-time showing.  Most of our attendees were to be heads of various Studios and art businesses in Columbus. We had instructors from ADDOhio, the Ohio State School for the Blind, Goodwill Industries, Transit Arts, FCBDD and the Ohio Craft Museum. We even had two artists from the ARC South Workshop.

 The Sunapple Artists were professional, concise and personable in their teaching. They spoke clearly and with confidence. They knew what they were doing and had absolutely no trouble articulating the methods to the group. Each of the three artists had a specific process to demonstrate and speak about. There were questions from the group and the Sunapple Artists handled them perfectly.

We want to say a big THANK YOU to all the people who made this class possible: Lisa Bare Culp, Owner Bareclay Studio and Art Consultant for Sunapple Studio, VSAO, ARC Industries, Sunapple Co., Ohio Arts Council and Buckeye Ceramics.

WE WON!!! Best in show at Accessible Expressions Ohio Art Exhibit.

“Beautiful Nature Life; where everyone would like to be” is the title of a collaborative mixed media painting that won best in show at this year’s Accessible Expressions Ohio 2014 Art Exhibit. The artist were Wendi Olszewski, Stephanie Spencer and Shawnda Osswald.  We would like to congratulate all of our artists whose work was accepted. Stephanie Spencer and Jill Davis, for “Comfortable Looking at Flowers” and Wendi Olszewski, for “Everything I Want is Around Me”.

VSA Ohio; the State Organization on Arts and Disability inspires and encourages people with disabilities in the community to express themselves through the arts. Since 1996 Accessible Expressions Ohio has given artists the opportunity to create, exhibit and sell their work. Awards are given for first, second and third place in each category, including Best in Show and People’s Choice. The exhibit travels around Ohio through December.

 Sunapple Studio participated in last year’s Accessible Expressions Ohio sponsored by the VSA as well as representing them as a vendor at Pearl Market.

This event took place on Saturday, March 8, 2014 at the Westerville Community Center from 12:00pm-2:00pm.  

Our talented winners of the show: Shawnda Osswald, Stephanie Spencer, Wendi Olszewski, and Jill Davis,

Our talented winners of the show: Shawnda Osswald, Stephanie Spencer, Wendi Olszewski, and Jill Davis,

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“Beautiful Nature Life; where everyone would like to be”

Eat Mor Chikin with Wendi Olszewski

At Sunapple Studio we have the good fortune to be surrounded by talented artists with great personalities and unique skills.  One of these artists is Wendi Olszewski, an Ohio native who loves reading Judy Blume and enjoys drawing animals.

With the guidance of her instructor, Wendi has created a beautiful coloring book containing drawings of all the animals she loves.

 Two weeks ago, Faith Rechel, the marketing director of Chick-Fil-A, invited Wendi to participate in a traditional family night event at their restaurant, our first event at this location. We are very excited for Wendi and everyone is thrilled to participate in this exciting endeavor.

 If you would like to support Wendi, please mark your for Tuesday, March 11th. This event will take place at the Chick-Fil-A restaurant on 6051 Sawmill Road (In front of Kohl’s) from 5:00pm to 7:30pm. You will be able to meet Wendi and buy an autographed copy of “The Coloring book your kids are sure to love”.  We will have a coloring contest for kids and adults, and a prize.

Please be sure to mention “Sunapple” when you place your order as Chick-Fil-A will donate a percentage of the sales to Sunapple Studio.

Wendi Olszewski

Wendi Olszewski

Say hello to Lisa Culp of Bareclay Studio!

Please join all of our Sunapple artists and staff in welcoming Lisa Culp of Bareclay Studio! As part of Sunapple Studio’s initiative to expand sales of their artists’ creations, Lisa provides valuable support in the area of ceramic production.  She’s working with the Sunapple Studio team to streamline some of their ceramic production processes to allow Sunapple artists to create more sellable merchandise while maintaining the quality and beauty of their products.   

Lisa is an Ohio native with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts/Ceramics from the Columbus College of Art and Design.  She creates her own ceramic art and teaches students at Bareclay Studio in Grandview Heights, and is the Pottery Market Coordinator and Resident Clay Artist for Mayco Colors in Hilliard.  Welcome, Lisa!


Spring is just around the corner, and so are herb tags from Sunapple!

Yes, we know there's still snow on the ground, but Sunapple Studios is already preparing for spring! Sunapple artists have been working busily to create an exciting new line of ceramic herb tags These herb tags consist of a durable ceramic disc with the plant’s name permanently inscribed; each disc is attached to a heavy-duty metal stake. They’ve been designed to beautifully mark herb plants in both garden beds and pots. All of the designs are from original sketches and hand-lettering from Sunapple Studio artists!

Sunapple Studios will be offering 12 different designs in an assortment of bright colors. We’ll offer tags for all of your favorite herbs, including mint, thyme, lavender, dill, and chives.

The herb tags will be available from our soon-to-open online store; also look for them at Oakland Nursery on Oakland Park, Dawes Arboretum’s gift store, Outside Envy in Westerville, and Celebrate Local in Easton Town Center.  And keep your eyes open for updates about additional Sunapple Studios products!