Sunapple VSA Workshop at Bareclay Ceramics

On April 30, 2014, The Sunapple Artists participated in a new venture. They became professional art instructors.

 This process began when Susan Weber, a consultant for Sunapple Co. made contact with the Very Special Arts Council of Ohio regarding some available workshop grant. We decided to apply for these funds right away and try for a ceramics workshop where some of the Sunapple Artists will be teaching some of the techniques that Sunapple has recently adopted in its Herb Tag production area.

 We chose three artists who have been on the Herb Tag production line since its inception. Sasha Spikes, Michelle Khourie and Daniel Wycuff worked extremely hard on their concept and conveyance of technique.  Each was very nervous about the class and admitted that teaching was completely new to them.

 The final count for the class listed 9 registrants, a great first-time showing.  Most of our attendees were to be heads of various Studios and art businesses in Columbus. We had instructors from ADDOhio, the Ohio State School for the Blind, Goodwill Industries, Transit Arts, FCBDD and the Ohio Craft Museum. We even had two artists from the ARC South Workshop.

 The Sunapple Artists were professional, concise and personable in their teaching. They spoke clearly and with confidence. They knew what they were doing and had absolutely no trouble articulating the methods to the group. Each of the three artists had a specific process to demonstrate and speak about. There were questions from the group and the Sunapple Artists handled them perfectly.

We want to say a big THANK YOU to all the people who made this class possible: Lisa Bare Culp, Owner Bareclay Studio and Art Consultant for Sunapple Studio, VSAO, ARC Industries, Sunapple Co., Ohio Arts Council and Buckeye Ceramics.