The Ladder of Hopes and Dreams

‘Imagine if you stopped to look at a painting; it unfolds in front of you, moving through space to cover every inch of your vision.  A curator’s voice begins to whisper in your ear, telling the story of the piece.  Music transforms the brush strokes into melodies and harmonies that become the painting’s soundtrack.  And nearby, inspired performers experience the work through dance, song, and spoken word.  Art that inspires art that inspires art.  That’s what we hope to achieve in ‘Gallery of Echoes.’

- Stev Guyer, Executive Producer

Columbus Art's Festival
Bicentennial Stage

• June 10th and 11th 9:00pm

Shadowbox Theater

• June 15th &16th (7:30 pm)
• June 17th & 18th (7:30 pm)
• June 17th & 18th (10:30 pm)
• June 19th (2:00 pm & 7:00pm)

Sunapple Studio’s ‘The Ladder of Hopes and Dreams’ selected for Shadowbox Live’s prestigious ‘Gallery of Echoes’ multi-media performance!

Shadowbox live presents Gallery of Echoes: The Columbus Public Art Project, a celebration of the Greater Columbus art community. The second installment of this critically acclaimed series reinterprets 20 original works by Columbus-based artists through a metamedia collision of original music, dance, spoken word, and larger-than-life videography.

‘The Ladder of Hopes and Dreams’, Sunapple Studio’s winning submission, explores the connections between personal challenges, forward movement, relationships with others, and establishing creative strategies to move towards ones’ dreams.  Consulting Art Educator Marge Mitcham noticed a wonderful quote in a poem by Katherine Berry called ‘The Ladder’:  ‘At last the ladder, which had been built slowly, one hope at a time, reached up to the clouds, and the dreamer began to climb’. 

With Mitcham providing support, ‘The Ladder of Hopes and Dreams’ became a physical expression of these artists’ desires to identify their life goals, receive and give support as valued artists and contributors, and to move forward and climb at their own pace in harmony with the rest of their community.

As expressed by participating artist Daniel Wycuff, “Art is my life…it’s what I want for my future’.