4 Frescoes 4 Artists

Today we began a recurring community outing to the Jubilee Museum, a gallery in the Catholic Cultural Center on Grubb Ave. A unique exhibit titled “4 Frescoes 4 Artists: Contemporary depictions of Jacobs Dream” will unfold over the summer. 

The exhibit began in May with 4 large empty canvases and should be completed works of art in August. Christine talked with our Sunapple artists about the stencil application she was using today and showed us her vision for layering interesting paper to her mural. 

Heath Woodruff, Nuura Abdulkadir, Theresa Whitlow and Richard Furney really enjoyed the visit. They seemed to understand that the two artists had different styles and asked some vey engaging questions while sharing a few things about themselves. 

Robert shared the sketches for this inspired work. He will then freehand the image with chalk, bring the light and dark areas in before finishing with color.  

We were very pleased with the time these two artists took to talk with us and we hope to find a way to connect with all 4 artists involved in the exhibit. We will continue to visit weekly through the summer.